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Silver Slut Videos » First a dildo then a cock for Jeannie Lou's ass

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First a dildo then a cock for Jeannie Lou's ass

Featuring Jeannie Lou
Date 12/31/2016
Duration 23:08 min.
Today, 62-year-old Jeannie Lou has a surprise for her man. She's wearing a blue dress that makes her look classy. But you know what they say.."devil with a blue dress.." "I've got something new today," she tells Tony. Crotchless panties? Yep. But that's not all. "They fit so nice," Jeannie Lou. So does the cock that's about to go into her ass. Whoops! Spoiler alert! Jeannie Lou also has a new dildo. "I always wanted one of these up my ass," she tells her guy, "before I get the real thing." Spoiler alert! Jeannie Lou takes that dildo up her ass while she's sucking cock..or trying to suck cock. She's so overcome by her analgasm that she has trouble sucking.

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Latest Comments

Nigey Wigey
December 27, 2015
As Jeannie Lou would say "oh yeah"
Love this scene. First saw it on the 60plus milf.com site. Has everything I love in a fuck scene.
Starts well when Jeannie shows us her crotchless panties with her pussy lips poking through. (Big pussy lips)Panties are stripped off to allow for a bit of finger fucking. Jeannie Lou just loves it!!
She tries to give her boyfriend a blow job, but finds this difficult because of the dildo up her ass. SO FUCKING SEXY.
The dildo can only be replaced by her boyfriend's cock. Up her ass , of course. My favourite position has to be ' doggy style '. She finishes off by riding her pussy on her boyfriend's rock hard cock until he pulls out & cums over her face.
Like I say, this scene has everything for me. (I like finger & dildo action especially) SO FUCKING SEXY! !!