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Growth potential

Bea Cummins, 66 in this scene and married, is sitting on a couch, hearing about her options for retirement. But Bea isn't interested in hearing about retirement plans. That's boring as shit. And you'd think this guy would notice that she's sitting there with her tits practically hanging out of her dress and stroking his leg. On one hand, Bea looks so respectable, so normal. On the other hand, you know she wants it.

So the guy is going on about the "growth" potential of her plan, and she's more interested in the growth of his cock and how it might benefit her horny pussy. She starts stroking herself, then asks, "Are you sure that's the best deal?" Yeah, he is, but Bea doesn't want to talk about economics right now. So she takes out her tits, and finally, the dude gets the idea, and that's when the real growth in his pants begins, and Bea helps it along by sucking his dick.

Bea is from Kentucky, she works in sales and marketing with her second husband (the first was a complete asshole… Read More »
Featuring: Bea Cummins and Carlos Rios
Duration: 20:30

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Bea is one of the hottest grannies i know and a pride for all womanhood. If there was more of her kind the world would be a much better place and a lot friendlier... all men would stay at home and fuck instead of going to war.Love her.

2 years ago 

Bea sure knows how to put on a good show.

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