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A creampie for Jeannie Lou

Jeannie Lou is dressed to fuck in a mini-skirt and fuck-me pumps, but the truth is, no matter what Jeannie Lou wears, she's dressed to fuck.

"What a nice fuckin' cock," she says as she gives Lucas's cock a rubdown. "I can't wait to get that in my tight, fuckin' wet pussy. Oh, shit! I need a little stress relief."

This 61-year-old divorcee sure ain't shy as she keeps up the fuck talk and stuffs her mouth with black dick while looking right into the camera. She slobbers all over Lucas's cock and provides such commentary as, "Oh, shit! Oh, fuck, yeah!" Then she throws off her clothes and resumes the cock-sucking.

Jeannie Lou gets rammed hard, cums hard and then lets us watch as a stream of cum flows out of her pussy. She opens her cunt wide with her wrinkled hands.

"Oh, I love that hot cock juice dripping out of my pussy!" this former fashion-boutique owner exclaims.

And that's all she has to say on the matter. Read More »
Featuring: Jeannie Lou and Lucas Stone
Duration: 21:20

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Damn lucky dude who's get the chance to fuck this hot mature!

2 years ago 

Man, she is up for anything. Fantastic.

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