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A woman who can take a good fucking

Totally naked, legs spread and rubbing her pussy, 52-year-old Nikki Hoffman is ready for action. Fortunately for her, our studs are always handy and ready to please our hot, horny MILFs. Nikki loves having a big cock sliding between her butterfly pussy lips, and when the dude cums on her rack, she scoops some up and eats it. Good girl!

Nikki is a swinger whose wildest experience was with two guys and two girls. One time, a guy wanted her to fuck him in the butt with a huge dildo, but Nikki declined. She loves being watched.

"It is exciting and kinky and gives a thrill like no other," she said.

What sexually satisfies her best: "Having my pussy eaten followed by good sex."

Is she sexually assertive or passive? "Assertive. I like to be in control, but I can lay back and take a good fucking if I need to."

She lays back and takes a good fucking here. That's for sure. Read More »
Featuring: Nikki Hoffman and Nicky Rebel
Duration: 23:14

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