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Fun with Sally and dick

Wearing a sexy, revealing red dress that shows off her slim 'n' stacked curves, 59-year-old Sally D'Angelo returns to fuck a guy who's 25 years younger than her. But that's what Sally does: She fucks younger men.

"My husband and I go to a lot of fun shops because we like the fun clothes," Sally said. "The ones that makes guys' cocks hard. I wear them in public whenever I think I can get away with it."

She can get away with it in our studio, and she does.

"I think the guys like all my sexy clothes. I have tiny pieces that can be a skirt or a top. My husband takes me shopping. We fuck all the time in the dressing room while I try on sexy clothes."

By the way, if you have neighbors, keep the sound down when you're watching this video.

"I love being fucked," Sally said. "The louder I'm moaning, the harder I'm getting fucked."

Here, she's getting fucked very hard. Can you blame the guy? Read More »
Featuring: Sally D'Angelo and Levi Cash
Duration: 22:06

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