How much cock can Summeran's pussy take?

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How much cock can Summeran's pussy take?

"I've had most of my fantasies fulfilled, but my true fantasies are renewed when I'm helping someone else fulfill their fantasy," said 60-year-old Summeran Winters, a divorcee from Colorado who now lives in Wyoming. "I am as old as I feel and as young as I look, and I just want to have fun. I have some of my best times when I'm having sex in front of a camera."

Summeran teases us in vintage lingerie, including a red bullet bra, stockings and a garter belt. She pulls her panties aside to give us a pussy show, telling us, "I'm so horny. I want a big cock inside my pussy. I'm ready for hot-blooded sex."

She's a classic and classy blonde with big tits and a pussy that can take a pounding.

"I'll give up anything if the chemistry between me and a guy is right," she said.

As you're about to see, in this scene, the chemistry is very right. Read More »
Featuring: Summeran Winters and Juan Largo
Date: January 25th, 2024
Duration: 19:01

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