Fucking marvelous

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Fucking marvelous

Marvellee, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom, gets right to the point when asked what she plans on doing today.

"I plan on fucking on-camera," she says, looking very eager and happy. She's enjoying her experience as a new porn star.

"It's a great way to get laid," she says. "I enjoy sucking dick. I'm good at giving blow jobs, and I like getting the shit pounded out of me."

First, Marvellee demonstrates her blow job skills. Like she said, she's very good at it. She goes deep, bobbing her head up and down on Nicky's cock. Then, after a 69ing session, she actually pounds the shit out of Nicky, bouncing wildly on his cock. She also proves she's no cum dodger as she opens her mouth wide for his load.

By the way, stay tuned. The next time you see Marvellee fucking, she's going to take a big cock in that tight ass of hers.

40Something: What kind of guys do you like?

Marvellee: I'm in a weird place right now where every 21-year-old man looks great to me but so does his dad and so does his… Read More »
Featuring: Marvellee and Nicky Rebel
Date: March 7th, 2024
Duration: 23:46

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