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Photos: 0
Video: 21 mins
Birthday: Nov. 30
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Average

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It's spa day for Lady S., a 63-year-old wife from the UK, and George is the lucky guy who's going to be taking care of this white-haired beauty. Lady S. came for spa day wearing a sexy bra and panties and fuck-me pumps, but George seems oblivious until she starts taking off her bra mid-rubdown. Then he gets the picture. Then he gets his cock sucked by a mature woman who really knows what she's doing. They fuck on the floor of the spa, and George shoots his load all over Lady S.'s big, firm tits. Lady S.--the "S" stands for Sextasy--told us she enjoys "lots of cuddles, kissing and touching. My man likes me to stroke his chest and nibble his neck, and he does the same for me. We tease each other, too." But Lady S. is obviously not just a teaser. She's a pleaser, too. "Make me laugh," she said. "Silly and funny men are always attractive." She's a sensual lady with a tight little body that gets a lot of attention. That's why she's here at The Lady is a stunner.
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